Baby oil wrestling

0 and some baby oil = bad idea well it was really funny, and everyone seemed to be having a good time till the police showed up… Whoops

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10 Responses to Baby oil wrestling

  1. agvoerdict says:

    There’s more interference than wrestling..

  2. monkeyman502515 says:

    man that must of been a hard stain to get out. i know that’s weird i sound like my mom lol.

  3. spell54321 says:

    that was so good the black one got her good too

  4. Skiingfreak says:

    @wildzchildzgirlz this was one of like 12 matches and we were really loud… the police thought we were having some kind of fight club..

  5. imSOalex says:

    is this reallly ALL baby oil?

  6. stupet623 says:

    dam dis is fukin sick

  7. pinoyjustin says:

    A LOT OF FCKIN BABY OIL!! like 70 bottles of it? ahha
    and idk.. i wouldnt swim in a pool of baby oil. like what if u get pruny and ur all filled with oil. idk just sounds yuky. if im pruny cuz of water. thats fine. haha

  8. Skiingfreak says:

    Wal-mart i believe, we have two and i think we bought it all…

  9. mandycash627 says:

    where did u get all the oil???lol.i do md wresteling in sonoma, i wanna do this!!!!!

  10. wildzchildzgirlz says:

    y did the police come