Girl Fights in Hartford CT, on Park ST

A Mix of girl fights in Hartford, CT on park ST in 2005

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25 Responses to Girl Fights in Hartford CT, on Park ST

  1. djquana22 says:

    this aint official… man the north in fights is what get it poppin

  2. kfactor1627 says:

    @jy445 ayyo im from CT, ive seen hartford cops at their finest…they will do that to anybody, white black yellow green blue, doesnt matter

  3. TheLashon101 says:

    @jy445 it looked like white girls they were doin that 2….and anyway i agree with u cuz they really aint do shit to stop it. those girls were like wild ass pit bulls the mase had no fuckin affect lol

  4. TheLashon101 says:

    @burcoman123 thaat wasnt vey nice… u could one of broads on welfare

  5. burcoman123 says:

    Those cops should of shot all those dumb broads. All they gonna do is breed more welfare case’s anyways.

  6. sarairosemurphy says:

    @downsouthballa1981 im from ct too

  7. goldboyjr says:

    Lol:D back to ur hole bitchez!

  8. jy445 says:

    Those cops are prejudice and should be fired.They would not do that to white people,

  9. downsouthballa1981 says:

    faggot ass cops not doin shit as usual

  10. rehezin says:

    put em back in cages. :)

  11. naruto9153 says:

    stupid Hartford people

  12. pat974316 says:

    eso es lo unico que saben hacer los boricuas….drogas..peleas…llenarse de hijos para vivir del estado…se creen la gran mierda y viven del dinero de los demas…..QUE BONITA BANDERA….jajajja…..regresen a la isla….y no salgan de ali salvajes….

  13. jcastro122684 says:

    that shit just amped me up! i gotta be a puerto rican frm hartford right?!?!?!!? lmao

  14. shikorison says:

    oh and police???? where are they lol probably in the back watchin

  15. shikorison says:

    stupid as fuck smh

  16. SuperShanequa says:

    FuCk tHosE CoMmEnTs hArTfoRd gEt IT iN ErR DaY bRa SpEcIaLy GaRDeN CaPeN AlBaNy Da wOoD sHiTtTt Im iN LuV wIt HoOd!!!!!…

  17. CTchick203 says:

    Ayyy i Represent WATERBURY : )

  18. PRiNCESOTO says:

    @DivaHeart585 they all puerto ricans!

  19. KingBonacci says:


  20. janvier739 says:

    em girls were gtn masced n still goin @ it:-)

  21. kimiam08 says:

    i live in hartford but i be in new britain and i know nb gets it in way more than enfield ever would enfield is far from da hood and niggaz dont get block money out there

  22. DivaHeart585 says:

    white gurl try 2 get it in lol

  23. nuyo22rican says:

    hartfors is nasty as hell.. go to north end.. and see 4 urs self

  24. weaverb1227 says:

    niggas mad cuz new britian dont ring bells in ct

  25. mykebreezy says:

    na fuck dis shit the crazy fights is at new haven