Guy fights girl

Guy fights girl…girl wins fight….guy gets jumped….shit getz FUNNY!! PS. I DO NOT SUPPORT PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! HOWEVER, I DO SUPPORT VERBAL VIOLENCE, #JUST SAYING!

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25 Responses to Guy fights girl

  1. xMorentz says:

    @Hannahthehippe Ahem, women want equality. That means you come at me, you gonna get knocked the fuck out in 1 punch.

    Have a nice day.

  2. jaredmankly says:

    @Hannahthehippe shut up bitch i’ll do what i want, even if it means knocking your slut ass out CUNT

  3. CZEKTYSAUT says:

    fucking nigga…

  4. Hannahthehippe says:

    Idc if a bitch is coming at you dudes don’t hit females end of story
    I’m not saying you can’t defend your self but that could simply mean holding her arms down not swinging

  5. trollsarevirgins says:

    Oops, last comment I meant that maybe the guy had been an asshole to her for maybe days or weeks leading up to this, so she snapped.

  6. trollsarevirgins says:

    That was weak as fuck. The girl runs in to attack the guy then suddenly there’s five guys trying to hit the guy? Let her fight on her own, let her beat him if she think she can if had been an asshole, let him defend himself from the crazy bitch. I’ve had girls attack me before (used to be a Bouncer) and fuck yeah I defend myself.

  7. MrKracker21 says:

    the guy who got his ass beat was thinking their point was proven NEVER HIT A FEMALE unless its the other hit as in tapping jk lol

  8. MrGizmono2 says:

    Ha ha ha ha funny

  9. El1j4hk1tty says:

    that was some stupid shit

  10. omfgitsjbaby says:

    Girl or boy if a girl bold enough to step up to a guy she need her ass beat

  11. SweetxLatina says:

    they are stupig silly fake ass bitchesssssssss

  12. 4licia14 says:

    Girls shouldn’t hit guys and guys shouldn’t hit girls. But she ran up on him and he defended himself the guys had NO right to jump in. If she wants to go toe to toe to a man she, she’s gonna get treated like a man. It sucks for the guy cuz if he doesn’t hit her he’s a pussy but if he does hit her he’s still a pussy. Yet the girl did no wrong. The fuck is that shit. They both wanted to fight so they fought, if it was a girl NO ONE would be sayin shit. That’s a double ass standard. Shut the fuck

  13. mikeyABI says:

    although i dont believe in guys hitting bitches, i also dont believe in equality of the sexes for that same exact reason. bitches can hit us but we cant hit them? wtf kind of bullshit is that? as for though beaners who jump that kid after, bunch of fuckin pussies tryna act hard.

  14. 1313131313pelon says:

    that nigga is a puzzy he fights a girl and dosent fight the guys naaw puzzy ass nigga

  15. HulkHooligann says:

    Man if i was that guy, i’d find that girl, rape her and fuck her up for life no joke then have her boyfriend take care of her motherfucker trying to act tough FUCK THEM BITCHES

  16. NymphadoraBeeWolf says:

    haha “yea u never hit a female…” seriously girls can get in fights too, some of us are not as strong as guys but we’re not weak little flowers. hell i had more muscle than my ex bf and i’m tougher than a lot of guys i know. yea its a dick move to fight a girl that is obviously smaller than u but hey, you get hit then u gotta hit back, don’t cower down just cuz the person hitting you is a guy. clock him hard upside the head next time.

  17. LailyKaTT says:

    @xInfected27x Not every girls asshole

  18. slipknot5759 says:


  19. ToNyflip14 says:

    Hahaha he was trynna pull up his shorts the whole tyme xD , next tyme wear a belt , sagging is not cool lol , haha n the guy that punched him from the side wat a pussy

  20. xInfected27x says:

    well girls want equal right do they not?

  21. SunburntMonkey79 says:

    The real fags are the guys that jumped in then ran away. Look at me I helped. Where were u guys when Chris Brown was beating girls. Fags.

  22. LexiieeCovers says:

    no guy should hit a female….but no female should hit a man if you can buck up and talk shit like a man then you can get not down like a man n im girl i understand wer yall come from cz no boy should hit a girl but if a girl hit a man dn it would be self denfence but sum ppl take de girls side but lets be honest we start alot of shit doh so yea i learn my lesson i would always hit&buck up@ boys&den this boy at my school ran in2me n busted my nose and i just thought what if that was his fist…

  23. riverhawklb says:

    If a girl wants to put herself in a mans place ill treat her like one… also why do minorities always have to fight with uneven numbers. oh thats right bc the majority of them are little bitches who can’t do it themselves and don’t like to get hit… shits weak!!!

  24. money31maker says:

    @xXxAmbErcr0mbiExXx THANK YU ! :)

  25. mingash90 says:

    he was gay so i think that might count…sort of???