Oil Wrestling Mania Boys vs Girls part 1

Boys vs Girls oil wrestling

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12 Responses to Oil Wrestling Mania Boys vs Girls part 1

  1. otherwills says:

    @2arunout you are right

  2. eWiz75 says:

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  3. spritemaster11 says:

    jap chick is hot

  4. Martialsmash says:

    yeah yeah there are SOME girls who are stronger. But I was talking about average.

  5. 2arunout says:

    That doesn’t mean a girl of those statutes couldn’t beat a guy if they had the proper wrestling or grappling experience and skill and guy lack of. There ARE some women as strong if not stronger than guys pound for pound and some guys reduce there testosterone

  6. superstarlex32 says:

    Jessica is a CUTIE!! Love the idea of oil wrestling a gorgeous woman!!

  7. dstsniper says:

    I aways wanted to do this for a lot of reasons :G

  8. XxSexiiSpecXx says:

    wow thats crazy

  9. Martialsmash says:

    no need proof. guys beat girls on strength on average is obvious. :P

  10. hairisfordying says:

    sweet proof that boys are stronger than girls

  11. wrestlingportal says:

    Good, he totally dominates this first roung!

  12. jayden1095 says: