Sexy College Girls Oil Wrestling

It’s amazing what hot drunk college girls will do for a 0 prize. Sexy lubed up bodies rubbing over each other. We came across this action while out on an Erotic Limo ride.

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25 Responses to Sexy College Girls Oil Wrestling

  1. Beerpongmoney says:

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  2. Hassan7894 says:

    the topless girl in the end is gonna become a pornstar for sure (if she isn’t already)!!! :P

  3. TamiaVannah says:

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  5. 11181001 says:

    Good stuff, I love the effort. Brandon Jarod is coming out real soon!

  6. kissesfromnilou says:

    Awesome !!!

  7. sanbodyplz says:

    holy shit the girl at 3:50 must have been in highschool wrestling she good

  8. krank308 says:

    All of that for only $500?!?! GENIUS!!!

  9. StrongLifeForce says:

    This girl did this to me once; She wore a nightie doing this. She draped her left thigh and arm cross ways over the top of my chest near my neck. Her right leg was straight down but I couldn’t do anything. Then she gripping me tighter and tighter towards her so I had to move my body on my side (like she was) facing her. She smothered my face and kept me down there as long as she wanted to, I could barely breath. We were so turned on we had $ex afterwards. Leave a comment if you agree!

  10. Shangha1 says:

    The Fat guy is so disgusting… i think i m going throw up.

  11. Biggarou says:

    ya seriously didn’t need to put shamoo into the pit. just let them do a battle royal and be done with it.

  12. stupidant007 says:

    he had bigger tits than the chicks

  13. bangaruwitmer says:

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  14. 666Mercenary says:

    and thats about as close as he will get to sex lol

  15. 666Mercenary says:

    thats one big fat guy i bet he couldint feel his penis cause of his stomach

  16. snakespunkzband says:


  17. bigbig83uk says:

    money talks

  18. WTF1OMG2 says:

    why doesnt the fat guy pull off the girls tops?


  19. yash619619 says:

    hai can i knwo these gilrs can compete with me or not

  20. x8fire says:

    where z it happened

  21. DanzTheMann says:

    At any rate, this video is hot! It’s probably the fat guy’s most memorable (and only) sexual experience ever. Awesome.

  22. EroticLimo says:

    $500 First Prize – money of course lol

  23. ermanborn2 says:


    perfect ass

  24. DanzTheMann says:

    How in the world did they get all these sluts to oil fuck the fat guy?!

  25. Vanillafresh says:

    You should pay attention too the girls in the video