white racist girl fights black

White girl beats black that’s racism .

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18 Responses to white racist girl fights black

  1. Lynithia menrose says:

    that b**** got her ass whooped

  2. Sam Wilburn says:

    Get off me nigger…. Lol.

  3. 13fatbaby says:

    i would of beat ha ass idk wtf the black girl was doing

  4. jalia washington says:

    she got whooped and she know it!

  5. briggie3231 says:

    over a math book? really? both have issues.

  6. Maddie Merrill says:

    Lol that white bitch got it

  7. Jahazooh963 says:

    That’s what that stupid ass bitch gets

  8. Kristopher Cauley says:

    Lol she got busted up

  9. Kristopher Cauley says:

    Omg dont let me catch that white girl on the street

  10. Meghan Jane says:

    She’d be done right then and there

  11. SuperAntwarrior says:

    I address racist white people with racism. And that Neo Nazi KKKracker deserved worst but it is still nice to see a sister hand that skunk her ass haaaaa.

  12. Jolynn Souden says:

    Naenae shut up white bitch deserved her ass wooped for bein racist but apparently it aint just white ppl talkin that shit cuz thats wtf u doin on yt

  13. Chicana80luna says:

    Lmfaooooooo hahahahahaha funny

  14. 200lilnate says:

    She should’ve spit in her face

  15. kaylaburge3 says:

    Did dis happen in meridian ms

  16. worddtoyuremothhaa says:

    The girl shouldn’t have even gone past racist. Girl in the green should have just socked her right then and there.

  17. NaeNaesongz says:

    Its really funny.. Haha.. Some white people stay talking shit but be the main ones gettin their ass beat by a black person.. Smh# pricless

  18. amir canty says:

    Smfh it’s a travesty that even kids can be influenced by that racist bullshit I’m sorry last time I checked were both humans just different colors